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Consider your track glossed. Here’s a few things we polished:


Polish your Audio

Gloss introduces a brand new way to master audio. Gloss uses AI to make the mastering process super easy for everyone. If you're making music, preparing a podcast or creating videos, Gloss is the final step you need to make your audio sound awesome.

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21 Balloons — Adam Arcadia

Frequently asked questions

What is audio mastering?

Mastering changes audio to make it sound louder and clearer.

How long does it take to master my audio?

Speed depends on the length of the audio. The longer the audio, the longer it will take to process.

How much does it cost to use Gloss?

Gloss is free for everyone to use. We plan to add premium features in the future.

What files types does Gloss process?

You can upload MP3, WAV and FLAC files. A sample rate of 48kHz is preferred. There is a 100mb file upload limit. Please notify us on any problems on our twitter page .

Do you keep my audio files?

After your audio file is uploaded, we master the file then delete our copy. The mastered file is stored for download for 24 hours and then deleted. We will not share or use your audio in any other manner. Your audio will always remain 100% yours.

Who we are?

Gloss is developed by Popgun , a music AI company based in Brisbane, Australia. Please send us any suggestions for improvement.